Our Story

LuluSleepwear was inspired by the love of silk and nightwear brought together in a charming way that women around the world can enjoy. Silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious clothes found on earth, something reserved for a limited number of individuals which is why we at LuluSleepwear work hard to offer every woman the pampering she deserves, by offering them silk nightwear at an economical rate.

Our Silk

Here at LuluSleepwear, we pride ourselves in keeping the customer first, by offering you exceptional quality silk products and service to achieve the ambitious goal we took part in a deep-dive research by taking silk from different parts of the world and decided to source from the land known for its Silk around the world - China.

Quality Silk

LuluSleepwear has committed to bringing fashion-forward yet comfortable pieces to your life. Working with masters in all departments we bring forward years of hands-on working experience that ensures our clients get the best.

We work best as a team, where each team is led by a strong head that brings professional and personal experiences to the table speaking more than just the basic business language and going beyond to understand the experience each garment has to offer.

To ensure that we are constantly at your disposal we have a team of professionals working to answer all your questions and queries as soon as they get in, so you enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Our Team

Apart from our clients, our team is the most important aspect of our business. We exist because of them and we make sure we offer them the best possible care and compensation. Their skills and hard work is deeply appreciated, which is why we respect and understand their needs. The relationship we have built comes with a two-way street that ensures both parties are happy with the collaboration.