How to use and take care of your silk sleepwear?

Silk is a sign of luxury, and it has been used in sleepwear for centuries. It’s a fabric that was preserved for kings and queens. Luckily, anyone can enjoy it these days, especially in the form of pajamas.

Silk pajamas are the most comfortable sleepwear, mainly because of the softness and comfort the silk fabric offers. Also, it’s all pure and natural, so good for your skin and also the environment. However, it does require a bit more attention to detail when it comes to taking care of it. 

If you’re a person that believes in sustainability, the best thing you can do is take care of the clothes you already have. The most sustainable practice, even more so than buying recycled clothes or donating clothes, is wearing the ones you have as long as you can. Silk may be a delicate fabric, but it can last quite long if taken care of properly. 

How to Use Silk Sleepwear?

How you use your clothes has a direct impact on their life. We’ve all heard that washing clothes, again and again, can damage their fibers and fade their color. This is somewhat true, especially if you use washing machines and dryers. However, wearing clothes for a long time without washing them can also damage them. 

Silk, in particular, is sensitive to the electrolytes in your sweat. Although a cool fabric in summer, it absorbs moisture readily. So if you sweat too much and don’t wash it, you may see color fading or yellowing, especially on solid pajamas. 

The best way to ensure your sweat doesn’t ruin your pajamas is to not wear them for more than three days consecutively. Also, rotate your sleepwear, so you have fresh pajamas every few days to sleep in. 

How to Wash Silk Sleepwear?

This is the main thing when it comes to maintaining your silk sleepwear. Washing silk pajamas is easy, but it’s also pretty easy to make mistakes. Silk is a delicate fabric that will not be able to stand any rough handling. 

Some silk labels may suggest dry cleaning, which would obviously be costly. You can avoid that and wash the pajamas your self. Here are some basic rules to follow when it comes to washing silk clothes, especially silk nightwear:




As long as you adhere to these rules, you won’t destroy your precious silk pajamas. As to how you should wash them, here are some tips:


Handwash your silk pajamas with water that’s not too cold and not too hot. As the number one rule tells, washing silk in a washing machine can damage its delicate fibers. Even when washing with your hands, avoid rubbing and stretching. 

Just rinse it in water several times or leave it in for half an hour or so. 

Detergent for Silk

Soaps are becoming popular for washing clothes instantly, but they might not be suitable for silk. Also, using soap would require rubbing, so it’s best to avoid that. 

Use a neutral soft detergent because silk is slightly acidic, like our skin. So an alkaline detergent would not suit it well. Also, use just a moderate amount of detergent, as you don’t want the water to be too soapy. 

Silk itself is super soft, so you don’t really need to use fabric softeners. However, if you want, you can use a very mild one. 

Air Dry

Don’t use dryers for drying silk as it dries out pretty quickly. Also, don’t wring it, as that can displace the silk fibers. Simply hang them from a hanger outdoors or even indoors overnight. Your pajamas will be dry in the morning. 

Dry Clean

Once in a while, get all your silk sleepwear dry cleaned. Yes, it’s expensive, but it will give them a thorough cleaning. However, make sure you choose a trusted dry cleaner that uses quality products. 


Ironing silk is easy, but you have to be careful. It’s best to iron your pajamas inside out, so the iron touches the dull side of the fabric. Also, try to iron them when they are a little damp. That will produce the best ironing results. Make sure you choose the heat setting recommended for silk fabrics on your iron. 

Tips for Storing Silk Sleepwear

How you keep your silk pajamas will also help increase their life. Every little effort on your part counts when taking care of silk garments.

  • Wrap bright color silk pajamas in dark paper to maintain their color
  • Hang them in your closet if you have space 
  • Use a small bag to store them or when traveling
  • When packing, don’t keep them near sharp objects or on the sides of the luggage

It’s a Pajama Party!

Now that you know how to take care of your silk pajamas, you can keep enjoying them for a long time. It also depends on the quality of the silk itself, as it could also differ from one brand to another. 

Lulu Sleepwear is one of the brands that produce top-quality charmeuse silk sleepwear in the Philippines. With a wide range of solids and prints, we have everything you need in sleepwear. Plus, it’s pretty easy to take care of them if you follow the tips and tricks in this post. 

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