Benefits of Silk Sleepwear

One of the most luxurious materials for clothing is silk. Originating in China, silk has been worn for thousands of years. It was for a long time used only by royalty as it’s expensive and labor-intensive. So if you’re wondering why silk is so popular for pajamas, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all the benefits of silk sleepwear in detail.

Sleeping in Pajama

When it comes to sleepwear, two materials are the most common: cotton and silk. While cotton has its unique benefits, silk offers some advantages that even cotton cannot compete with. It’s one of those things you’ll have to try to know the difference. 

If in your late-night thoughts you wonder about what benefits your silk pajamas offer, here’s all of them:

  • Comfort

Let’s get the obvious done with first. Silk is extremely soft and comfortable fabric, which is why it’s the perfect material for pajamas. The smooth surface of the fabric caresses your skin while you sleep.

As for the science behind this softness, silk has a low coefficient of friction. In other words, it offers minimal friction when it touches another surface. So when it touches your skin, it causes no abrasion. 

Similarly, silk fabric is quite lightweight. When going to bed, you’re not going to want to wear something heavy that adds weight to your body. Silk pajamas are light as feathers, adding more comfort to your sleep. 

  • Temperature Regulating

Silk is an all-season fabric, as it can be worn in both the fall and summer months. Silk sleepwear is usually made with pure silk fabric, which is a natural heat regulator. What this means is that it will provide a cooling effect in the summers and a warm effect in the winters. 

It can do both discharge and absorb heat until your body is at a more comfortable temperature. This is why you’ll see people wearing silk pajamas even on the most sweltering hot nights and those frigid cold winter nights. 

  • Good for Skin

Believe it or not, silk fabric can double as a skincare agent. Did you know the silk yarn has proteins and amino acids, which are naturally beneficial for the skin? Well, your skin doesn’t really absorb a lot of these, but it makes sure that your skin doesn’t get agitated. 

Woman in Silk Sleepwear

Since all the elements in the very fibers of silk are natural, it’s easily compatible with your skin. In fact, it’s composition is a tad bit similar to your skin’s composition. This isn’t surprising as silk fibers come from cocoons of silkworms. 

  • Moisture Absorbent

Silk, much like cotton, readily absorbs moisture. The hydrophilic amino acid in the silk fibers absorbs moisture. However, they can also release this moisture easily, which is why silk dries up fast too. 

This property alone makes it ideal for sleepwear, especially in the hot summer days, when you might perspire even with air conditioning. This has also to do with the cut of the sleepwear, as pajamas generally have a loose silhouette. As a result, they offer good air circulation, keeping moisture at bay. 

Some synthetic materials trap moisture in, which can be highly uncomfortable when you’re asleep. Also, some people naturally sweat more than others. For such individuals, silk is even more important. 

  • Bacteria and Mite Resistance

Silk is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-mite because of its cellular structures. There’s a protein called Sericin that prevents the development of bacteria and mites in silk fibers. So even when they get dirty or are left unused for long periods, they don’t develop these issues. 

This natural resistance to bacteria and mites eliminates the need to use synthetic agents to keep them off. As a result, natural silk sleepwear is hardly treated with any harmful and toxic chemicals meant to kill bacteria or mites. 

  • Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Silk can also provide protection from UV rays from the sun. Perhaps this is why pajamas outdoors are becoming a thing lately. Tyrosine is one of the most prominent mono amino acids in silk fibers. It can easily absorb UV rays and prevent them from reaching your skin. 

UV light can be dangerous for the human skin, as too much of it can even lead to cancer. While we mostly sleep indoors, it’s good to know that your silk sleepwear can even protect you when you’re outdoors. 

  • Natural and Eco-friendly

Textile waste is a huge problem in the world right now and a driving force behind climate change. A lot of textile waste is made up of synthetic clothing that doesn’t decompose so easily and is a huge threat to the environment. Silk, on the other hand, is eco-friendly and good for nature. 

100% Silk

A YouGov survey found that 65% of adults in the Philipines had thrown away some form of clothing in one year. Then there’s the problem of eco-pollution generated by factories operating in the country. As an island nation, it’s an even more serious problem for the Philipines. 

These fabrics last long, so you wear them longer, reducing textile waste. Even when it does end up in landfills, it readily decomposes. Organic silk, along with other natural yarns is good for the environment as they reduce chemical and textile waste. 

Wear Silk Sleepwear

Now that you know the benefits of silk sleepwear, the next time you’re shopping for pajamas, go for natural silk. It’s comfortable, natural, and good for both you and the planet. And they look quite stylish as well. 

Lulu Sleepwear is one such brand that produces stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly pajamas from silk charmeuse. From solids to vibrant prints, there’s everything in between. These pajamas are designed to give you the essential night’s sleep you need to stay healthy and strong. 

It’s all about responsible choices when it comes to taking care of yourself. Silk pajamas are a part of that self-care. Their natural composition and skin-nurturing properties make them ideal for sleeping. Once you start sleeping in silk sleepwear, you’re never going to sleep in anything else. 

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